This profile contains all the essential tests to check purity of the drinking water which includes physical,chemical, toxic elements, microbiology as well as tests for the pesticides in the water. The pesticide testing is necessary specially in India as intensive farming causes pesticides in ground water in turn contaminating drinking water.

Your drinking water might contain few dissolved solid contaminants, pathogenic mico-organisms also, chances of toxic elements present naturally in water increases drastically. For inhibiting such possibilities, physical-chemical and microbial testing of water is necessary which can be achieved by our advance and accurate tests to detect their presence and abnormal levels in water. Get your water tested with Whaters

Aarogyam 1.3 is very popular profile among most of the people because it offers test against thyroid, diabetes, liver and renal disorders and high cholesterol levels all these are prominent health issues found these days among the people. Apart from this it also covers testing for vitamin D,B12 and testosterone. So, book your Aarogyam test today to get rid of any health worries tomorrow.

Cardiac disorders & stroke are the world's leading cause of mortality. Therefore, quick and reliable diagnostics of cardiac arrest is extremely critical. In this regard cardiac markers play very important role by providing convenient means for the rapid as well as error free diagnosis. Aarogyam 1.4 includes total of six cardiac markers in one profile. Hence it is great deal to avail all the tests covering most common diseases along with the tests for the tests for the cardiac risk.

Important function of liver is breaking down of bilirubin, to remove it from the body, hence bilirubin tests are performed for detection of liver. The widely used liver enzymes that are sensitive to abnormalities in liver and are measured when testing for the diagnosis are SGPT and SGOT. Our Hepatitis profile comprises of all the necessary tests including bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT, and serum proteins, alkaline phosphatase plus various Anti Hepatitis antigens and hepatitis B surface antigen.

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