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a tiger in the water with a stick
a small kitten sitting on top of a fluffy blanket
a hairless cat sitting on the floor next to a desk and chair with its eyes closed
a white cat in a pink sweater is being held by someone's hand and wearing a pearl necklace
a close up of a cat with snow on it's face and nose, looking at the camera
a blue and white bird standing on top of a wooden fence next to a sign
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a bird that is sitting on someone's hand with its wings spread out and it is being held in front of the camera
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two colorful parrots are sitting on a branch
a woman holding a blue and yellow parrot in her hand with its wings spread out
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a yellow and blue bird with its wings spread
Pin on This Place Is For The Birds
two parrots are sitting on the perches in their caged area, one is green and the other is blue