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a painting of a smiling man with his mouth open
a metal helmet with an eyeball on it's face and two swords in its mouth
Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, David, Mannequins, Hanson, Max, Film Noir, The Uncanny
Does AI creep you out? You’re experiencing the ‘uncanny valley’
a mannequin's head with an eye patch on it and hair in the shape of a face
10 Creepy Examples of the Uncanny Valley - Stranger Dimensions
Katy the Fembot from The Bionic Woman
a person with a mask on their face
Cyberpunk Images: Photo
Cyberpunk Images : Photo
Films, Steampunk, Ghost In The Shell, Ghost, Sci Fi Art, Cyberpunk Aesthetic, Game Art
Ghost in the Shell - Gynoids
a painting of a woman wearing a red mask
Ghost in the Shell - Geisha 02
Weta workshop design studio 1
a man wearing a black suit and helmet
Jojo Post Digi: Helmut
Quách Phú Thành / ԍuō ғù cнᴇ́ɴԍ / 郭富城
Quách Phú Thành / ԍuō ғù cнᴇ́ɴԍ / 郭富城
a man wearing glasses and a suit with a scarf around his neck is looking at the camera
90s Men's Fashion