The Real Me by Young&Talented on SoundCloud 3 month ago a group of 14-19 year olds joined Young and Talented's course to learn how to write plays. Their plays will be broadcast live on East London Radio on Friday 18th July at 7pm. ‘The Real Me: What’s in my head? Who am I? Who cares about me?’ - discover your voice, express who you are and tell your story of the world from your perspective. Supported by Poplar Harca Comic Relief Fund.

Tune in to hear the radio festival

heart 1 The Real Me – From Script to Performance. Being a teenager can be tough – so many expectations, so many life changes. Y&T gave 18 teenagers the opportunity to express through script and radio who they really are. Under the guidance of Suzann McLean and David Fielding.

The young participants learnt how to cast for radio plays, how to write a script for radio and how to use radio equipment - Lead by professionals from the industry the young people wrote 6 radio plays that were broadcasted on live radio.

Participant on the course The Real Me - radio plays by young people for young people

Participants learning how to use the microphone in a radio studio

The participants are learning about radio equipment and how to use the microphone in a radio studio

Writer David Filding guiding the participants through the ins and outs of script writing

Participants to The Real Me workshop. Learning how to write a script for radio

Shenice is speaking about herself in a short radio piece

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