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Y&T Rep Company: The Break Through for Actors

Are you determined to build a career as an actor? Y&T Rep Company, based in Oxford House Theatre, has created an intensive, FREE course for young actors who want develop their careers in acting. or SUZANN on 020 8556 5348.
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Acting workshop at Oxford House with YandT Rep Company. Hear what they say... "Thank you so much for the casting workshops, it was a really eyes opening for me. I've received a great help from you and especially when you're a foreigner you're struggle with different mentality and trying to understand how things work here it's a wonderful oportunity to find yourself in the room with people who are in the business telling you step by step what to do." Emilia Kwiatkowska. Photo by Alex…

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The Acting Career and Marketing Program 2014 - We teach you to audition, how to communicate in the audition room, how to get an Agent, we talk about showreels.... we talk about getting seen. We make sure you have a photo that works for you, your cv is working for you, you feel confident and happy.

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How to get ahead in your acting career with David Fielding. Here what they say... "Even though I've heard it all before, the reiteration is inspiring. It's the same reason people go to church. Not to learn, just to have reassurance in their faith." Paul Shears. Photos by Alex Cole

The Acting Career and Marketing Program 2014 - The participants learn more about the headshots and what makes a headshot shine between so many.

Watch this trailer for a brand new Play by Y&T Rep Company winners of BBC Performing Arts Fund. This April - the play to watch. Book FREE Tickets now or text 07716 845042

The Acting Career and Marketing Program 2014 - Suzann and David give precious advices to the participants.

Y&T Rep Company - The Acting Career and Marketing Program; David Fielding shares the secrets of the industry.

Y&T Rep Company The Acting Career and Marketing Program 2014 - We concentrate on YOU. Who YOU are - What YOU are offering the industry! Maybe you’re not getting the job/the agent/the call back. We start at the beginning... We deal with YOUR look/YOUR image/YOUR photo. What it is saying.... What you are selling..... What roles can you play.....What is your casting...

The Acting Career and Marketing Program offered by Y&T Rep Company: David is an Actors life-coach and his approach is different from many other Casting Directors - he strongly centres around the business side of the industry and how we can achieve the career we have always dreamed of. Suzann takes the Actors through their paces with script and dialogue practice and shows the Actor how to maximise their chances at auditions and castings.

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Watch Y&T Rep actor Landry Adelard in Columbite Tantalite: a short film written and directed by international film star Chiwetel Ejiofor. Landry's career goes from strength to strength, after acting in The Killing Class in 2012 he went straight into the BBC drama Casualty, commercials, he came back to Y&T Rep for Cinderella Innit! and now adds being the face of the new Barnardo's campaign to his career successes.