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data visualization.

Data visualization infographic & Chart A sad proportion of “art/science” illustrations are more show than tool, evo. Infographic Description A sad propor

Lil Ironman by on @deviantART

Marvel's Avengers: Ironman mkVII/Tony Stark chibi fanart the rest of the cast are on the works (minus Nick Fury and Maria Hill) for this month. Process: Pencil then inked. Colored via Photoshop


I love the bold lines and the way the hand has been drawn in a variety of positions - Hand Study - Drawing Reference

Destino Custom Garage - ‘Samurai’

Destino Custom Garage - ‘Samurai’A true Japanese warrior has a strong & powerful centre of balance” says Nikki from Destino. “Slung low & mean… ready to pounce. We wanted to capture that in the bikes stance.