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Beating 6-max Hyper Turbos for Fun and Profit By Your Doom Poker

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6 max hyper turbo poker games are mostly played for fun. These games are also highly profitable even for beginners. But if the skills are incomparable and deep,then one can easily win all these games.

This video series is beneficial for every player whether he is beginner or old professional player. It contains many useful contents which are very less known to poker players.So if you want to become an extraordinary poker player,buy this video series. is very glad to announce the launch of “Beating 6-Max Hyper-Turbo SNGs for Fun and Profit”, by Phil 'Jackal69' Shaw, a comprehensive guide from the poker writer/coach. It has 11 parts and 325 minutes long Video course. Phil will give you all the information necessary to become proficient in the format and be capable of beating most games for a profit.

Are you looking for a turn-key all in one solution to make a lot of money grinding online poker? Then your only best place is Your Doom Poker.We are providing here the full course related to how to beat 6 max hyper turbo.

Bernardc makes his debut, discussing his reasoning for plays made at the mid stakes hyper turbo heads up poker games on PokerStars. This is a free 5 minute video clip of Bernard's first full length

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