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Poker Etiquette-Top 8 Rules

Whether you are playing at home or in casino, you should know poker tables rules and etiquette and must follow them.
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If you are in a hand,don't make everyone remind that it's your turn. just keep going so that the action is going on.Always pay attention. Talking on a phone while playing is a very bad etiquette.


The another bad betting habit is String bet, when the players says," I'll call your 500 and raise another 1000". Don't do this ever. Simply say "call" if you are going to call and say "raise" if you are going to raise amount. This is important in casinos, you have to show proper behaviorism toward the game and other players.


Don't splash or spread your bet. When the players tosses his bet in the middle of the table in an absurd way,it is called splashing the pot.This kind of betting is unable to let other players know that how much exactly you bet.So one of the good poker manner is whenever you are betting your pot, raise it in the proper way in front of you.


The second important tips is that don't talk about your hand when the game is still going on. This will give the information to the other opponents to take the advantage if they have another good card.


Even if you are having a bad hand and losing your game, Don't be rude to any player. If you are losing than it doesn't means that you have right to blame and curse other players,it happens just because of you bad luck and little knowledge about the game. So try to control you anger and emotions.

If you win a hand before the game showdown and you want to show your cards anyway, then don't just show your cards just to your right and left players,show them to everyone.

Don't show the cards until the showdown. when you fold, make sure that no one can see your cards as it will give them idea to change their game.