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Every detail counts! From place settings to boutonnieres, we are covering every wedding detail. Find inspiration for every wedding or elopement from modern and…
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the wedding stationery is laid out with flowers and two rings on top of it
Modern Spring Wedding Invitation Idea with Blush Colors
Check out this modern spring wedding invitation idea with blush colors! We love the chic shapes and spring flowers in this flat lay photo. Find more details from this California wedding on our blog.
a white bench sitting next to a wooden fence with flowers on it and a sign that says, i do not know what this is
Blush and Terracotta Seating Chart for California Wedding
This blush and terracotta seating chart was perfect for a California wedding. The couple loved the boho look so we selected this dreamt color palette. Find more details from this spring wedding on our blog.
a wooden rack with donuts on it and flowers in the center is surrounded by greenery
Boho Circle Donut Bar Idea for California Wedding
This boho circle donut bar idea was so fun for a California wedding. We strategically arranged the donuts and added some seasonal spring flowers. Find more wedding inspiration on our blog.
a welcome sign hanging from a tree in front of a grassy area with trees and grass
Modern Acrylic Wedding Sign Idea with Blush and Bronze Colors
Don't you love this modern acrylic wedding sign idea with blush and bronze colors? Guests were greeted to this California wedding with this sign. Find more details about this day on our blog.
a white wedding cake with flowers on top
Boho Modern Wedding Cake Idea with Blush Colors and Gold Cake Topper
This boho modern wedding cake idea included blush tones and a gold cake topper. I love the minimalistic design. We added framed photos of the couple to complete the look. Find more details from this California wedding on my blog.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a white table next to a cup of coffee
Do You Need to Hire A Wedding Planner?
Do you need to hire a wedding planner? This is a question that many engaged couple wonder about. The answer is YES. Find out why you need a wedding planner on our blog.
a group of people sitting at tables in the grass with text overlay that reads tips for making your guest list
How to Create Your Wedding Guest List
Want to know how to create your wedding guest list? This is an important step in your wedding planning journey! Find out how to do this without missing any details on our blog.
the cover of five spring wedding color palettes, with different colors and shapes on it
The Best Colorful Spring Palette Ideas
I have gathered the best colorful spring palette ideas! Colorful tones are a classic for the spring season. You can check out all of the ideas on our blog.
a person holding a cell phone next to a notebook with the words why you need to hire a wedding planner
Why Every Engaged Couple Should Hire a Wedding Planner
Every engaged couple should hire a wedding planner. I am here to tell you why! If you want to save time and money in the long run, check out the advice for engaged couples on my blog.
a woman holding a bouquet of flowers in her hands
Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer
Kim Branagan Photography | Romantic wedding bouquet, flower inspiration, pink and red bouquet, fairytale wedding bouquet, boho bouquet, asymmetrical bouquet #flowers #bouquet #weddinginspiration
two women sitting next to each other with the title tips for making your guest list
How to Create Your Wedding Guest List Without The Stress
Wondering how to create your wedding guest list? We are making the process easy so you can check this task off of your wedding planning list stress free. Check out this must-know advice for engaged couples on our blog.
a candle sitting on top of leaves with the words fall wedding favors written below it
Easy Fall Wedding Favor Ideas | California Wedding Planner
These fall wedding favor ideas are so easy. We are California wedding planners, so we came up with seasonal wedding favors that will impress your guests will saving room in your budget and time. You can even use some of these favor ideas for your winter wedding! Check out the ideas on our blog.
two women talking to each other with the words ultimate guide to finding the perfect wedding venue
Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Wedding Venue
This is the ultimate guide to finding the perfect wedding venue! You deserve to host your wedding at your dream location. We are sharing our wedding planning advice for engaged couples on our blog.
a bride and groom kissing in the woods with text that reads unique fall wedding color palette ideas
Forest Wedding Color Ideas | California Wedding Planner
Check out these forest wedding color ideas! As California wedding planners, we love the forest for fall weddings. This boho couple chose a romantic neutral color palette. We have the best wedding colors for you on our blog.
four small pies with the words 7 fall wedding flavor ideas on top of them
Cute Mini Pie Favors for a Holiday Wedding
How cute are these mini pie favors for a holiday wedding? For your fall or winter wedding these are perfect. We are sharing even more festive wedding favor ideas on our blog.