shiva shakti

Tantric Dance - Geoglyphiks “The Tantric Dance is inspired by the union of Feminine and Masculine power. As we dance the story of our lives, may this piece inspire your inner balance of masculine and.


ツ Dear PMO India, we humbly request you to BAN cow slaughter in India --Lord Krishna will bless you and Bharat ツ


Nitai Gaura Krishna Center Batam Kepulauan Riau Indonesia: God has an important purpose for you, and made eve.

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Understanding and experiencing the transcendental nature of Lord Sri Krishna

Radha Krsna being depicted as acintya bheda bheda tattva- inconceivable (for the material senses), simultaneous oneness yet different, like the sun and the sunshine. Without this, there can be no relationship, no bliss.

Radha and Krishna - RadKrsna - Divine-Love - Wow, how beautifully depicted as…