Smooth Operator ( Carlos Sainz)

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a man sitting on the ground next to an orange motorcycle
carlos sainz
a shirtless man with his shadow cast on his chest
Carlos Sainz
Shirtless selfie
a man in a red bull racing uniform holding a blue and white helmet on his left hand
Carlos in his Red Bull era
📸 by Loic Venance
a collage of many different people in red and black
#ilmioprimoshuffle #myfirstshuffle#carlossainz #f1 #ferrari #aesthetic
a man in a red shirt and cap is talking to the media while holding microphones
a man in a suit and red tie walking down the street with other people behind him
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Carlos Sainz
a man with his arms crossed in front of him, wearing a red bull racing suit
Carlos in his Red Bull era
📸 by Mark Thompson
a man in a red shirt and cap drinking from a water bottle while wearing a ferrari hat
the many faces of mario kart and other characters from mario kart's video game