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cell phone holder

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Lizhen Electronic Technologies Corporation., Limited is an independent China local based company providing R & D, manufacturing and processing on molding, injection, and electronic parts.

There are so many reasons that propel one to invest in a cell phone mount for your car, like GPS navigation system- a phone holder can make your job much easier. You just need to switch on the GPS, set the co-ordinates and just place the phone in the mount and you can drive with your full concentration in driving.

Phone is a great cause of disruption while driving. So a stand on the dashboard of the car for placing the phone is a good way in which we can handle both driving and phone at the same time.

With iphone car mount, you no longer have to worry about keeping your eyes on the road while driving and simultaneously looking for your phone for navigation, attending calls and other vitals tasks. Lizhen Electronic Technologies offers a wide range of phone holders and mounts which will make easy and handy using your phone while driving.

Car phone mounts aids in listening as it gets clearer and better to listen the caller on hands free mode. Most of such car mounts also offer amplification of sound so that your conversation may get loud and clear.

Our manufacturing unit for car phone holder. Our team of professional designer and technicians understands the need of the customer, so they give full attention on the design and creativity of the product.

Function: YUEOPbO cell phone holder can fix on any place you want, the holder try to help you avoid any potential car accident!

If you are facing any problem in insulating our car phone holder, then see and like our video related to “The Application of Yueopbo Cell Phone Holders” for your help.

All people of this hi-tech age uses Smartphone while driving for different purpose like navigation, movies, music etc. But holding the phone while driving is not a good sign at all as it is prohibited in some states. To safely use your phone when on the move, get a Phone holder for car that will hold your phone securely. There are many benefits of owning a Phone holder for your Car like Attend the calls Conveniently, Enjoy Music and you can also charge your Phone while driving.

Lizhen Electronic Technologies is widely known for selling high quality mounting devices for iphones and other smart phones without causing any damages to your dashboard like other mounting devices do. Once you will buy and install an iphone mount system to your car, it will not go anywhere unless you take it off.

Technology has captivated our life in such a strong way that now it has become hard to imagine staying away from them even for a day or an hour. One of such technology without which human can’t even think to spend a single day of their life is their smartphones. It offers us to stay connected with the globe all the time whenever we want – even while driving!