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a black and white drawing of two birds on a branch with flowers in the background
Dancing Kangaroo - The art of Galia Bernstein
a painting of a woman riding on the back of a white horse in front of flowers
krishna with flute,(60×36 inch Vertical)
an intricately decorated wall hanging with flowers and leaves in the center, on a white background
Handmade Kreation Madhubani Painting (Multicolour, 20.5 x 29 cms).
Madhubani Painting Elephant Drawing Simple, Elephant Indian, Black Elephant, Indian Artists, Biggest Elephant, Rice Powder, Elephant Drawing, Madhubani Art
Elephant Madhubani Art Painting
Beautiful Elephant Madhubani Art Painting made by Indian Artists. Elephant drawing simple and beautiful in Indian Madhubani Style.
a yellow and green wall hanging with an image of a sun on it's face
Buy Madhubani Painting Sungod With Kalamkari Details Online | Craftsvilla
an intricately designed painting with blue and red colors
Madhubani Paintings by Neelam Khairha| Singapore| CreativeZoneArt
an intricately designed design on a red background
Mithila paintings as doodles on phone (Lotus and Peacock)