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a blue ring sitting on top of a wooden block in front of a gray background
Megakilodynamometer on Industrial Design Served
a pair of headphones hanging on the wall
Limited Edition Headphones
two views of the same pen, one in silver with gold tip and another in black
LAMY Schreibgeräte Made in Germany
2009: LAMY dialog 3 – Lamy meets Franco Clivio The LAMY dialog 3 is an avant-garde twist-action fountain pen with a palladium finish, whose rhodinised 14-carat gold nib retracts with a gentle turn of the barrel.
a pair of headphones sitting next to each other
Grado's White Headphone is more than just a limited edition color
an image of a purple and black fly fishing reel with the name engima e3 on it
Taylor Fly Fishing Reels and Rods
Purple Enigma ESD fly fishing reel.
several black and white objects are arranged on the wall, with one plant in the center
Microsoft’s new Xbox consoles look like a Rams vs Sapper game
Microsoft Xbox Series X and S design, like a Dieter Rams vs Richard Sapper battle
Designer: Anna Bieniek Future Watch, Smart Watch, Watch Design, Dive Watches, Minimalist Watch, Watches, Sleek Watch, Cool Watches
Get Touchy Feely With Time - Yanko Design
Designer: Anna Bieniek
four watches with different designs on them are shown in black and white colors, including the numbers
A’ Design Awards & Competition – Winners - Yanko Design
a close up of a hair dryer with a comb on it's top
a white toilet paper dispenser with an oval hole in the middle and a metal spigot attached to it
Garden of Wonders by Be Open rebrands perfume labels
a white object floating in the air on top of a white surface with no one around it
H E A R I N G on Behance
an electronic device is mounted to the side of a white object that appears to be floating
Bentayga Hybrid x Starck - 6
a computer mouse with a metal handle on it's back end and the top part showing
huestockholm: Dennis Sedov- BT2 - Beard Trimmer
an electronic device is shown in this image
A visual diary from an Amsterdam based product designer
an air purifier is shown with the light on it's side