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Crispy yet crunchy, this Parsi rendition on Mumbai's cheap yet delicious Bombay Ducks is a treat for the eyes and for the family. Fry some today!

Patra ni Macchi is the most popular dish in Parsi Cuisine. It is a signature dish traditionally served at Parsi wedding dinners, Navjote receptions, Pateti (Parsi New Year) & other celebratory occasions. This special Parsi preparation is extremely simple, easy, healthy & tastes absolutely divine. This lovely steamed fish covered with refreshing green chutney isRead More

Traditional Parsi Sev - a sweet dish made with roasted vermicelli that's eaten on special occasions like birthdays, navjotes and weddings

Patra ni machhi is a traditional Parsee dish prepare by steaming fish coated with a thick green chutney after being wrapped in a banana leaf .

Parsi brown rice

parsi brown rice - rice made with caramelization of sugar and onion. aromatic and golden with a faint sweet taste. #parsicuisine #brownrice #ricerecipes indianrecipes