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Nothing will blow your mind quite like this case… In most cases - truth is so much stranger than the fiction.

Nothing will blow your mind quite like this case… Holt This is very interesting, wonder if this is studied in Law School! It would be a great mock case even that is if it was based upon everything before the very last fact revealed!

All Men Should Know About Pregnant Women

Safe and Natural Solutions for Pregnancy Symptoms: Expecting a baby is a joyful time in a woman’s life, but the morning sickness, headaches, haemorrhoids, and heartburn that accompany pregnancy can overshadow the excitement you feel.

6 Things I Wish I’d Had at Home After Giving Birth | What to Expect

When you are a first-time mom, you get LOTS of advice. Between what to feed baby, when to feed baby, and how.

Viewmaster!! Loved mine!!

Karen Kurycki is on the list of my favorite people with a box of watercolors. Seriously - this lady makes the colors just fly off the paper to turn the mundane into something absolutely brilliant! That bright little View Master