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Each week we will bring you a short story of Maurice’s experiences in the marketing world, at the same time as bringing a little bit of humour, valuable marketing lessons, and tips on which promotional products to buy.
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Let your brand help your business associates and employees every time they need a little care, love and treatment. How? Get our well designed and well packaged promotional first aid kits and hand them out to your clients, customers and employees on any business event, company promotional party or non-profit fund raising occasion! To see a comprehensive range of promotional first aid kits visits http://www.zestpromotional.com/first-aid-kits/first-aid-kit-large/-/704166


Leaving Your Mark After a Pitch With Leather Folders: When you’re pitching for business with a potential new client, it’s not just important to deliver a fantastic presentation, you’ve got to make sure you don’t fade from memory once you’ve left the building. Click here to read more http://www.zestpromotional.com/wp_blog/leaving-your-mark-after-a-pitch-with-leather-folders/# or to see an extensive range of Leather Folders click here http://www.zestpromotional.com/leather-folders/_/9501


Here’s a post from our blog site. We like it, you’ll love it too. “Promotional Bags and Gifts in Poetry”

Keep your advertising campaign active by offering season-fit promotional gifts to your clients and customers. Read further “Gift Promotional Ice Scrapers for Seasonal Advertising” http://bit.ly/1xjHPIp

Make an Impression on Employees With These 3 Simple, and Free, Holiday 'Gifts'

Here’s a favorite post from the past: A day in the Life of a Promotional Pen http://bit.ly/1zZVRwM


Promotional products have a long staying power which no other form of advertising can match. By giving away products which consumers are likely to use over and over again and again, entrepreneurs can ensure that your brand name is the one they will see day after day.

Promote your brand in style with Volcano II Bluetooth Metal Speaker! Volcano II Bluetooth Metal Speaker delivers great sounds quality with strong bass and 3W output. http://bit.ly/1zIRWUB

Warm up your brand promotions with Value Large Hand Warmers http://bit.ly/1qpkimY Value Large Hand Warmers are made from a clear vinyl to the front and back. Reset by heating in hot water for 5-10 minutes Maximum one colour print. For help or advise on buying the Value Standard Reusable Hand Warmers or any other promotional hand warmers please call our sales team on 0800 024 8461 or email sales@zestpromotional.com.

These Premium Promotional Earphones are high quality and well priced with a large branding area on the case as well as the earbud casing. Maximum one colour print to each earbud Supplied in a clear plastic presentation case with translucent plastic cover, ideal for spot colour or full colour printing. Coloured earbuds including black, orange, red, green or blue available for an additional cost.

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