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Christmas Ornaments

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a pink flower sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean with a quote written in spanish
a pink butterfly sitting on top of a flower covered house with the words bca note
a tree with the sun in the background and an inscription below it that reads, bondia
two green hearts with the words boa and doa written in spanish on them
a round sign with the words boa noite in spanish and an image of grass
... Boa Noite...
there is a cup of coffee and three red roses on the saucer that says, bom dia
the sun is setting over water with birds flying in the sky and mountains behind it
an image of the moon and some plants in front of it with spanish words on it
a red flower sitting on top of a green vase filled with pink and white flowers
three hearts with roses in them and the words boa voie written on them
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a couple of birds that are in the water
a sunflower with a butterfly on it and the words boa note written in spanish
Boa noite!🌻
two hands making a heart shape with the sun in the background and words written below
a cat with blue eyes is holding a rose in its paws and the words boa noite written on it