Piyusha Taware | zingyhomes.com

Interview of Piyusha Taware Bokil , award winning young architect from India

Sterling young- Adil Pasha | zingyhomes.com

Syed Adil Pasha - the young architect behind the firm Nostri Architects talks about architecture, design and his firm. Interview by Avneet.

Smruti Kamat and Lester Rozario of Kamat and Rozario Architecture | zingyhomes.com

Interview of Smruti Kamat and Lester Rozario from Kamat and Rozario Architecture

Kickstarting young - Shailendra Nangalia | zingyhomes.com

Kickstarting young - Shailendra Nangalia | zingyhomes.com

Piyush Goenka | zingyhomes.com

Zingyhomes recently interviewed a successful Indian architect - piyush Goenka his notion with excellency in ideas diversifying major business.

Kayzad Shroff - Shroffleon | zingyhomes.com

We talk to the young and much talented Architect Kayzad Shroff of the studio ShroffLeon which he cofounded with equally talented Maria Isabel Jimenez Leon. Born in .

Architect Amit Khanna | zingyhomes.com

Amit Khanna, a young and popular Indian Architect recognized by DesignxDesign shares his thoughts on approach towards projects and more about himself with ZinhyHomes team.

Abin Chaudhuri - An architect providing Soul in the Shell | zingyhomes.com

Abin Chaudhuri - An architect providing Soul in the Shell | zingyhomes.com

Interviewing the young Architect Shone Saju | zingyhomes.com

Young and enthusiastic, Ar. Shone Shaju from the firm LEAD Architecture opens up in an interview with ZingyHomes, where he ends up sharing his inspirations, thoughts and challenges.

Young and Dynamic Architects from South - Reny Lijo and Lijo Jos | zingyhomes.com

Architect couple Lijo Jos and Reny Lijo from lijo.architects talks about their passions, work and their approach towards projects in an interview with ZingyHomes.

Architect Shweta Deshmukh | zingyhomes.com

Architect Shweta Deshmukh from Pune, India talks about her focus on sustainable and practical architecture in an interview with ZingyHomes.

Britta Knobel & Amit Gupta of Studio Symbiosis

Architects Britta Knobel and Amit Gupta, Studio Symbiosis – Interview

Sudeep Parambath and Siji Rehana from Deep and Hana Architects | zingyhomes.com

Sudeep Parambath and Siji Rehana, Deep and Hana Architects – Interview

Interior Designer  Anish Motwani | zingyhomes.com

Interior Designer Anish Motwani, Founder & Chief Designer of Anish Motwani Associates describes how his impeccable designs constantly meet expectations of clients in Mumbai and beyond

Architects Ranit Maiti and Subhrajit G. Mitra | zingyhomes.com

Today we feature, young architects Ranit and Subhrajit from Kolkata who are making waves throughout the country for their exceptional design skills.Mitra and Ranit Maiti completed their .

Crafted to Perfection - Rooshad Shroff | zingyhomes.com

Rooshad Shroff, the young and upcoming architect and product designer talks of his work, education, challenges and more in an interview with ZingyHomes