Parenting Done Right

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All the things I want my kids to know!
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Hold the Door: Lessons for My Kids - Let Me Start By Saying

"Stand up to bullies by being smart and kind" plus 48 other lessons for my kids.

Godzilla On Take Your Child To Work Day<< So cute!!!

Godzilla On Take Your Child To Work Day

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This is awesome so cute and such a good idea.

Make the best of it

I was just learning to love... Beep. Bop. Boop.

Her Uncle Is Amazing

Her Uncle Is Amazing

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I love Adult Wednesday Addams. It’s such a shame the creator’s channel was taken down. :(

I Am The Batman…ADORABLE

I Am The Batman…

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Gordon Ramsey #funny

Gordon Ramsey

Wow they are dumb people ......but I would want   that to happen to me three packs of gum I can do that

Fking love this feeling
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Fking love this feeling

Parenting done right
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Parenting done right

"my dad would punish me with psychological torture" baha

Parenting, You're Doing It Right.

by Anastasia

Eminem and his daughter....won an oscar
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Eminem and his daughter....won an oscar

Haha. Every parent has done it. Don't lie.
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A Regular Baby Eating Lemon

What a good mom. Children must learn consequences for their actions.


Image Source I came across this ecard on my cousin's Facebook page and couldn't help but laugh. Because there has definitely been a time or two when my boys have done this to me. Has this ever happened to you and how did you handle it??? Be sure to “PIN” this great ecard so you will have it when you are ready to use it. Please follow us on Pinterest and enjoy hundreds of recipes, crafts, party planning ideas, gardening, DIY and more. Be sure to check out these other great posts: How to…

Parents Made Their Kid Walk Around The Mall Like This After Stealing

Parents Made Their Kid Walk Around The Mall Like This After Stealing