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African Quad Batik in Three Blues - Tonga Textiles

African Quad Batik in Three Blues Handmade and Fair Trade. Batiked and painted by hand, this vertically-oriented barkweave cotton wall hanging has a unique herd of elephants and giraffes. It measures by 39 inches X 1 M).

Malian Mudcloth Blanket | Swahili African Modern - Fair Trade Gifts and Home Decor

This large, x blanket is handmade artisans in Bamako, Mali who grow and weave local cotton. The artisans use an updated mud cloth technique to create abstract, geometric patterns. Each blanket is hand-dyed and

Vous aimez le wax? Retrouvez tous les articles et sélections sur le wax ici : https://cewax.wordpress.com  Retrouvez les créations CéWax en tissu africains en vente ici: http://cewax.alittlemarket.com - MaXhosa by Laduma AW2014

African prints inspired knits, sweater, MaXhosa by Laduma

prior pinner: Africa | Wrapper ~ ndop or ntiesia, ntieya / Royal Cloth of Cameroon | from the Bamileke, Bamum people of Cameroon | ca. 20th century | Cotton, raffia; indigo dye.

Royal Cloth of Cameroon: West African Wrap // Cotton, Raffia, Indigo Dye

Detail of indigo resist dyed cotton, Ibadan, Nigeria 1960s Museum no. Circ.593-1965. © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Adire Alabere: Indigo (stitch) Resist Dyed Cloth From Yorubaland, Nigeria - Victoria and Albert Museum

African Textiles: Color and Creativity Across a Continent: John Gillow

This book is a wonderful source of material for anyone doing historical research on african and subgroup textiles. It goes in a good depth on the process and cultural influence of each textile and their signifigance. This is definitely a must buy.

sketchfive.jpg (1269×787)

Mandy Patullo - Thread and Thrift: The Decorated Sketchbook - made in response to research on ethnic and tribal textiles. Each double page spread uses surface decoration techniques to respond to patterns and textures in the textiles.