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Vastu suggests Vedic seeds, beads and auspicious symbols to be placed at the threshold and around the house (Eg: near windows). These ancient luck omens have been used since millennia. They have been known to emit positive energies, dispel the evil eye, move stagnant energies and as negative ion-emitters.


Vastu advises that there should be a constant flow of energy in your living space. If it is blocked or inadequate, then the energy gets contaminated and gives rise to disharmony and ill-health. Positive energy should flow in and negative energy should flow out. There should be perfect circulation to maintain stability. Here are few tips from our Vastu master. Cleanse the blocked and stagnant energy, dispel the negative energy and invite positivity and bliss.

Vastu believes in instinctively felt colors and is convinced we are attracted to certain colours because of similar energy patterns. Thus this means either we are similar in personality and therefore the attraction or due to long association of using the color we imbibe the personality of the colour. Here are some of the common associations of color. Which colour are you?