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Proves that Islam is the true religion! Miraculous in Quran! They only just figuring these things out when it is already said in the quran Islam Beliefs, Islam Hadith, Islamic Teachings, Islam Religion, Allah Islam, Islam Quran, Alhamdulillah, True Religion, Islam Muslim

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Also, the frontal lobe is responsible for self control and the ability to "think". Processing lies or truths originates in this part of the brain.

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Alak 15.Ayet: Sakın, şanım hakkı için, eğer (akıllanıp) vazgeçmezse, muhakkak Biz sürükleyeceğiz o alnı! Alak 16.Ayet: Yalancı, cani bir alnı!

Islam is the real religion. Ya Allah grant us paradise. Brothers and sissy bears say Ameen. Quran Verses, Quran Quotes, Hindi Quotes, Qoutes, Islamic Inspirational Quotes, Islamic Quotes, Islamic Msg, Muslim Quotes, Alhamdulillah

01. Creation of the Universe - The Big Bang: The creation of the universe is explained by astrophysicists as a widely accepted phenomenon, popularly known as ‘The Big Bang’. It is supported by observational and experimental data gathered by astronomers and astrophysicists for decades. According to ‘The Big Bang’, the whole universe was initially one big mass (Primary Nebula). Then there was a ‘Big Bang’ (Secondary Separation) which resulted in the formation of Galaxies. These then divided…

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