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Avery Verhagen- I chose this pin because the Chinese like to wear all these fancy outfits. Asian Style, Chinese Style, 3 4 Face, Chinese Opera, Asian Fashion, Chinese Fashion, Chinese Clothing, Folk Costume, Costumes

Fuck Yeah Chinese Fashion

哎我去中国风尚 Chinese fashion in general.

It’s a snap! Kids with squids, fish store on a bike and the breathtaking Great Wall It’s a snap! Kids with squids, fish store on a bike and the breathtaking Great Wall,Orte Mobile fish store on bike. Hanoi Vietnam, Vietnam Travel, Laos, Beijing, Squid Fish, Betta, Batman Y Superman, Pictures Of The Sun, Foto Fashion

It's a snap! Kids with squids, fish store on a bike and the breathtaking Great Wall

Our readers sent in some fantastic images this week! And we've got a photo assignment for you. Scroll through the collection and vote for your favorite. When you're done, upload your own best work -- we may choose one of your photos for next week's gallery.The photo assignment for next week is: SUNRISES! Please send in your most gorgeous pictures of the sun rising up over the horizon!

This painting depicts a number of men and women dressed in the traditional clothing of the Qing Dynasty. The men wear red ornate robes, and the women wear elaborate crowns. Asian History, Art History, Chinoiserie, China Art, Ancient China, Qing Dynasty, Chinese Antiques, Chinese Culture, Hanfu

Chinese ancestral painting depicting many generations dressed in their traditional clothing of the Qing Dynasty. The red ornate robes are decorated with gold painted sinuous dragons. The women are wearing elaborate crowns with kingfisher feathers. It dates to the early 20th century. Size: 87” x 41”.

The Empress of China (simplified Chinese: 武媚娘传奇) is a 2014 Chinese television drama based on events in and Tang dynasty, starring producer Fan Bingbing as the titular character Wu Zetian—the only female emperor in Chinese history. The Empress Of China, World Most Beautiful Woman, Kanzashi, Oriental Fashion, Chinese Fashion, Oriental Style, Chinese Actress, Chinese Culture, Chinese Art

Tang Dynasty Female Emperor Hair Accessories Set

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Song Dynasty court costumes enlarge Click Restore Craft Patterns, Doll Patterns, Clothing Patterns, Sewing Patterns, Historical Costume, Historical Clothing, Korean Design, Chinese Clothing, Oriental Fashion


宋代宫廷服饰模板下载,宋代宫廷服饰矢量素材,宋代宫廷服饰 中国历代服饰 历朝历代 中国历史 传统,宋代宫廷服饰图片,昵图网:图片共享和图片交易中心

The Qin Dynasty, Chinese Qinshihuang Emperor, Dynasties of China History Turandot Opera, Dynasty Clothing, Qin Dynasty, Terracotta Army, Chinese Emperor, China Art, China China, Oriental, Asian History

The Qin Dynasty, Chinese Qinshihuang Emperor, Dynasties of China History

During Qin period (from 221 BC to 206 BC), China came into unification for the first time and under reign of the first emperor Qin Shihuang, with government seated in Xianyang (close to modern Xi'an)

Chinese folk art, Jinshan Peasant Painting, festivals gallery, Chinese New Year, customs Farmer Painting, Chinese New Year Eve, Chinese Festival, Chinese Cartoon, China Art, Naive Art, Pretty Art, Chinese Painting, Folk Art

The New Year's Eve

Original Chinese folk art: Jinshan peasant painting from Jinshan Peasant Painting Academy, signed, hand painted naive farmers paintings about village life. It's gouache painted on the rice paper. Framed or unframed coloful picture, Asian art for your children's rooms.Oriental art gift for home decorating. Framing services. Information about China, customs, festivals, arts and crafts, culture.

 Silk twill ground, silk and gilt Gold… Chinese Embroidery, Gold Embroidery, Textiles, Textile Patterns, Chinese Patterns, Chinese Clothing, Ancient China, China Fashion, Crane

Antique Chinese Robe. Court Robe, China. Silk twill ground, silk and gilt Gold metal thread Embroidery Pattern of three dragons chasing flaming pearls front and back, similar dragons on shoulders, amidst clouds and flying cranes, above waves and mountains, striped lower section. Ching Dynasty. 1644 – 1911 A.D.

(China) Emperor Taizong the Emperor of the Song dynasty of China from 997 Chinese Emperor, China Architecture, Chinese Artwork, Korean Painting, Cultura General, China Art, China China, Korean Art, Ancient China

Emperor Taizong (939 – 997) was the second emperor of the Song Dynasty of China from 976- 997

A Chinese immigrant family in Oregon, USA - The traditional dress the family is wearing in that photo is Manchu, which is an ethnic minority. In China today, the population consists predominantly of Han Chinese, in addition to other ethnic minorities. Vintage Pictures, Old Pictures, Old Photos, Antique Photos, Vintage Images, Chinese American, American History, Beijing, Immigration Debate

22 Old Photos That Really Make History Come Alive

Looking through these old black and white photos you can really learn a lot about history and the world. These 22 photos generates that mind-blowing spark and teaches you something new.